School Holiday Tours

Student Gaps is a fairly new concept for us at Rush Adventures, aimed at developing students under the age of 18. Over the years, our primary business has been successfully enticing many university students from abroad, including energetic young professionals, showcasing the best of South Africa.

All our 18+ Rush tour programs can easily be converted and tailor made for youth under age 18 to enjoy a holiday or excursion while learning life skills during the school holidays or school trip.

Parents whom are interested and like the idea of putting their youngsters on a school holiday tour for a week or a few days, please contact us for more information. We really believe that Student Gaps is offering a wonderful service for families during school holidays, therefore we would appreciate your support in growing this well needed concept (summer holidays)for our very own South African youth.


Many thanks,
Michael A Lourens
Company Director

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Why travel is so important for youth?

Student Gaps has been carefully developed to serve the youth of South Africa and encourage students from across the globe to join in the pioneering task of developing Africa and being part of the continent’s bright future and wealth in the years to come.

With the global economy collapsing, over population in first world countries and unemployment increasing, this shows us as parents that Africa secretly holds a valid future, boasting untold mineral wealth, vast fertile farm lands and precious water. As South Africans we have these precious resources at our finger tips and we need to embrace our heritage and the many opportunities available to our youth. Africa is yearning for passionate business leaders to take her to the next level.


Travel develops leaders

The primary purpose of Student Gaps is to give pupils a broader view of Africa by empowering them with the vision and tools needed for an optimistic future in Africa opposed to looking abroad where only a handful find that one in a million opportunity.

As parents, we need to rapidly shift our consciousness from the past into a renewed positive outlook, motivating our youth about entrepreneurial opportunities within Africa. We believe the key to a secure future and healthy environment is through positive energy, education and encouragement with the proven fact that Africa has the resources that the world needs.


Youth with a purpose

For a sustainable future, enticing young people to travel around their home country should be a priority. They are our future leaders, after all. Youth are resilient and resourceful – later looking to leave home in order to build relationships with other like minded travelers.

While some older parents are set in their ways, joining bus tours, admiring the scenery and appreciating the architecture and luxury destinations, young people are interacting with different cultures, meeting new people and experiencing what we have forgotten.

Youth travel is an absolute necessity for creating a broader mind, developing cross cultural social skills, life skills and a greater advantage over peers who don’t travel.


Join an adventure

While adults prefer the private tranquility of a secluded holiday, youngsters are eager to experience the excitement of living communally in hostels, sleeping in tents and interacting with lots of new people. Along the way they develop problem solving skills and acquire a true and rounded education by becoming fully informed through social interactions and real life experiences. The combination of well-traveled real life experiences in conjunction with formal education will advance our youth into the type of leaders we want leading our country and creating a prosperous future for all.

Crew – Tour leaders & teachers

Student Gaps offers many reliable, safe and specialized tours for our youth from Grade 8 to grade 12. School tours are accompanied by a Student Gaps specialist guide and a qualified school educator experienced with the relative grade learners and tour program and schedule…

  • A male educator and a Student Gaps tour leader will lead and supervise tours only for boys.
  • A female educator will accompany a girls only tour with a Student Gaps tour leader.
  • Both male and female educators will accompany co-educational learners with our specialist tour leader.
  • An experienced driver will accompany groups on coach tours with groups from 13 to 36 max.
  • The tour leader will drive and guide a mini bus with the educators for groups of 12 max and under.
  • Our drivers and tour leaders all have professional driving experience and are in possession of a public driving permit.

Vehicles & Transportation

We have a fleet of Mercedes sprinter buses with a luggage trailer for groups of 14 and under and charter reputable coaches and overland trucks with luggage space underneath vehicles for groups larger than 15. All our vehicles have passenger liability insurance and the necessary road carrier permits and road worthy certificates required for our safety and your peace of mind. The directors of Rush Adventures / Student Gaps, have been active in youth and overland tour operating throughout Africa over the past 18 years, running adventure tours for thousands of tourists visiting South Africa.With this expertise and experience we recognize and understand the importance of well maintained, safe and reliable transport which has kept us extremely successful and professional over many years.

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Student Gaps has sourced various styles of accommodation suited for school groups from Hostels, resort chalets, cabins and camping in two man dome tents, depending on the excursion. We focus mainly on using dormitory style hostels or bedded chalets that sleep six. We rely on our trusted accommodation venues that we have used for many years, thus select well maintained and safe establishments with suitable facilities to accommodate the group which will include hygienic toilets, clean hot showers, eating facilities, recreation areas and lock up bed rooms/dorms.


Depending on the excursion or style of accommodation, in most cases a learner will need to bring a sleeping bag along especially when camping or using dorms as only mattresses with clean sheets are provided (pillow?). We will supply parents with a list of what’s and what not to bring on booking.


All meals are prepared by the crew and learners are rostered in to assist with duties when it comes to shopping, preparing and serving meals. Participation is a great way to make friends and work together to achieve a common goal.

We will cater for special dietary requirements which must be noted on the booking form when booking the tour.Breakfasts consist of a variation each day of cereals, bread & toast, spreads, scrambled eggs, sausages, French toast, tinned spaghetti and baked beans.Lunches vary from hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salads, sandwiches and flavoured noodles.Dinners are all hot meals from spaghetti bolognaise, wors, mash & veg, stir fry’s, wholesome stews, steak / chicken, rice & veg. Salads are prepared with most meals.

All meals include juice, fruit, bread and tea or coffee.



Each tour is designed to give the learner an enjoyable holiday with ample free time and the focus on the following categories:

Career opportunities, Culture & life style, History and events, Geographical knowledge, Fun & mildly challenging activities, Wild life rehabilitation, Community development, Minerals & industry.

We feel it is vitally important for youngsters to understand these basic fundamentals on how society functions and the importance each sector contributes to the economy creating a secure expanding future for all. Each program has a theme and visits relative places from forests, farmlands, wild life sanctuaries to dams, production factories and mines. We also visit rural villages and village schools for some social interaction with learners less fortunate than us in order to appreciate and respect all we have been given in life. We also visit famous landmarks and museums en-route for a deeper understanding of our history and culture.

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Travel insurance

Although highly unlikely, things can happen when you’re traveling that are out of your control like severe flu, gastro or even a cut foot, so insurance comes in handy. When traveling with Rush Adventures we require that you have travel medical insurance, and trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. (Some medical aids cover this and we would need a cover note)

Upon starting the tour, the Student Gaps tour leader or guide will ask everyone to provide a copy of their insurance details to keep on record while on tour in case of any emergency. Failure to provide this information can and has, resulted in travelers being unable to continue on tour, so don’t leave home without it. We can assist you in purchasing the right cover if you so require.

All travelers must complete the medical form and indicate if the learner has a pre-existing medical condition, your medical practitioner must provide us with details in case of an emergency. The more information Student Gaps has, the more we may assist you in the unlikely event of an emergency or need for other medical assistance.